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7974 NA Audit for MOHW Scheduled on September 30, MFDS on October 7
7973 Healthcare Industry Export Growth ‘Remarkable’ Proving its Potential
7972 Government to Consider Incentive for Foreign Investment on Pharmaceutical and Bio Sector (Medipana News, Sep 5 2019)
7971 KRW 1 Trillion for Innovative New Drug Development, Budget Surges for Biohealth (Dailypharm, Sep 4 2019)
7970 Innovative Pharmaceutical Certification to Amend Types and Evaluation Index
7969 MSS to Provide KRW 100 Billion Annually on Biohealth-like Emerging Industries
7968 NA Gives Drug Pricing Policy Tasks for MOHW to Resolve
7967 83K New Jobs in Pharmaceutical Industry, 4.3K More than Last Year (DailyPharm, Aug 13 2019)
7966 Stem Cell Therapy Gets Attention from Type 1 Diabetes Treatment Field
7965 Gene Therapy – the Potential for Complete Recovery
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