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Ethical Business Practice Committee

Ethical Business Practice Committee

KRPIA prepared the ground for ethical business environment based on the voluntary efforts of member companies

  • Reinforcement and promotion of the KRPIA Fair Competition Code
  • Extension of foundation for practicing Fair Competition Code by providing education to compliance personnel of the member companies through hosting annual workshops and trainings
  • Publication of EBP-related books including Green Book, which holds working guidelines of Code of Fair Competition
  • Participation in the activities of IFPMA in order to facilitate member companies to meet global standards on ethical business practice

Leading Ethical Management for Setting up a Transparent Pharmaceutical Industry

KRPIA is continuing to lead the management environment of the pharmaceutical industry on a global standard and to establish fair and transparent ethical management in the pharmaceutical industry.

Fair Competition Code 4th Amendment Completion

The Fair Competition Code was first enacted to secure a fair competition order for distribution of medicines among KRPIA member companies and to enhance transparency and awareness. The fourth amendment was completed in 2017 through several revisions to share clear guidelines that can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. This revision is expected to include a new lecture/adviser in the association's report, which further emphasizes the importance of compliance with the Fair Competition Code along with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

  • The Fair Competition Code 1st Enactment(2002)
  • The Fair Competition Code 2nd Amendment(2006)
  • The Fair Competition Code 3rd Amendment(2010)
  • The Fair Competition Code 4th Amendment(2017)

The Active Introduction of IFPMA's Global Ethical Management Standards

KRPIA is a member association of the IFPMA, and all member companies have decided to recognize the importance of IFPMA's amendments and IFPMA Venue Guideline and comply with relevant regu­lations. KRPIA will continue to discuss with related organizations and government agencies in order to establish global leading standards in the pharmaceutical industry in the domestic market.

  • KRPIA Venue Guideline Enactment (2014)
  • IFPMA Venue Guideline Overall Execution (2016)
  • Notification of full enforcement of promotional materials support ban regulations in accordance with the amendment of IFPMA Code (2018)
  • IFPMA Code Amendment Overall Execution (Jan. 1, 2019)