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Healthcare Policy Committee

Healthcare Policy Committee

Contribute to NHI Policy which leads virtuous pharmaceutical ecosystem with ‘Patient accessibility’, ‘Sustainable NHI finance’, and ‘Healthcare industry development’ based on new drug value.

  • Develop sustainable NHI Policy which contributes to patient accessibility of innovative new medicine and the development of pharmaceutical industry.
  • Strengthen global competitiveness of local pharmaceutical industry through open innovation among industry, government and academy
  • Cooperation among the international organizations to form a fair and reasonable medicine market environment
  • Activities to analyzing policy environment for member companies and engaging in activities for a social consensus of the stakeholders.

Mutual Growth through Open Innovation

The Largest Conference for Global Partnership in Korea,
Korea Pharma Association Conference(KPAC)

Since 2014, KRPIA and KPBMA have held the 'Korea Pharm Association Conference,' the first privately led international conference which the goal of creating an R&D ecosystem to make operative communication ending up R&D Open Innovation.


Korea Pharma Association Conference

  • · Collaboration in Overseas Markets
  • · R&D Open Innovation
  • · Promotion of national health via drug repositioning
  • · Sharing R&D trends in an up-to-date manner
  • · Development of the pharmaceutical industry

Global Pharmaceutical Company-Startup Joint Incubating Platform

Korean Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry Association (KRPIA), Korea Trade-In­vestment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) and Seoul Metropolitan Government have established 'Global Pharmaceutical Company-Startup Joint Incubating Platform' to support global expansion of Korean medical and biotechnology startups in 2018 and training course, supporting potential start-ups was held in a total of 5 sessions for four weeks. In addition, KRPIA has signed an MOU with KOTRA to support the ongoing partnership between Korean startups and global member companies.