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Market Access Committee

Market Access Committee

Contribute to the cost effective and sustainable National Health Insurance(NHI) system for patients benefit from timely access to medicine

  • Develop patient centered NHI system with fast access and reasonable pricing.
  • Make value-based reimbursement system for innovative new medicine.
  • Research on global pharmaco-economics for realistic evaluation for innovative new medicines.
  • Design programs to share knowledge and develop capabilities among member companies

Policy Research for the Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Korea

KRPIA continuously conducts policy research to seek the direction of the sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry in Korea. Based on the results of its re­search, it is in constant communication with the government, as a policy partner for the pharmaceutical industry, to properly establish policies for the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare industry.

Major Research Papers

  • A Study on the Effects of RSA on Patient Access and Finance and System Development Plan (2017)
  • Improvement measures of drug price policies for improved pharmaceutical industry and patient access(2014/2016)
  • Research on the comparison of drug prices in OECD countries(2014)
  • Economic value of enhanced health and extended lifespan through new drug development(2012)
  • Analysis of the impact of pharmaceutical price regulation on R&D investment(2011)
  • World tax benefit for clinical trials report(2010)
  • Economic impact on R&D of the BT industry and its policies(2010)
  • Outlook of NHI finance and policy issues(2010)
  • Survey on R&D activities(2009~2017)
  • Expanding the ethical management of the pharmaceutical industry and research on policies(2009)