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Public Affairs & Communications Committee

Public Affairs & Communications Committee

Promoted awareness over a variety of health care stakeholders and the value of new Medicine and over the global pharmaceuticals’ contribution to the Korean society to enhance the national healthcare and to propose policies and to form environment for pharmaceutical and bio industry development

  • Social awareness raising on the importance of forming a virtuous R&D investment cycle through R&D centered biopharmaceutical industry development and recognition of new medicine value
  • Information sharing on current issues and communicate with the press and various healthcare stakeholders of the new medicine accessibility and pharmaceutical and bio industry
  • Communication on social contributions in Korea by global pharmaceuticals (efforts to improve patient accessibility and innovative new medicine development, R&D investment and CSR, spreading leading corporate culture, job creation etc.)

'Rak & Yak Campaign' for Improving Drug Adherence

Since 2011, KRPIA has conducted the Rak & Yak Campaign with KAPO(Korea Alliance of Patients Organization) to provide information and improve the significance of drug com­pliance as a year-round campaign. It is supported by the MOHW(Ministry of Health and Welfare), KMA(Korean Medical Association), KPA(Korean Pharmaceutical Association), KHA(Korean Hospital Association), and KNA(Korean Nurses Association).

  • Development of education materials for patients on drug compliance by diseases
  • Development of a mobile application for drug compliance
  • Public publicity activities
  • Education of healthcare professionals
  • Research activities: Survey on the use of prescription drugs by patients etc.

Rak & Yak Mobile App. / Street campaign

5-Rights of Drug Adherence

- Right medicine

- Right dose

- Right patient

- Right route

- Right time

Value of New Drugs Awareness Building Campaign

KRPIA continues the campaign to promote awareness of the value of new drugs in order to provide patients with hope and courage for life, pharmaceutical companies with the will to contribute to society through the development of new drugs and the public with an opportunity to think about the value of new drugs.

  • Publication of the story book on rare and incurable patients
  • Creating and deploying patients' story videos 'New Hope, New Medicine'
  • PhRMA 'Value of New Drugs' video news articles and online spreads