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KRPIA and global pharmaceutical companies promote various social contribution

activities to grow and be happy together with Korean society

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CSR Activities

“We support the happiness of a diverse range of people!”

As corporate citizens, global pharmaceutical companies in Korea are making contributions to Korean society in various ways. They are conducting a variety of programs including donation activities, support for patients and un­derprivileged people, support for regional communities, support for promoting science, and the improvement of people's health. These are all efforts to make more significant and mean­ingful contributions to orean society through the active participation and interest of employees, beyond simply providing monetary support. In addition, they have been continuously conducting various CSR activities for over 10~15 years, not just holding onetime events.

Corporate Social Responsibility of Global Pharmaceutical Company

Global companies not only carry the duty of supplying innovative new drug as a pharmaceutical company, but also they value giving back to the Korean society as a member of the community. With various types of CSR activities, KRPIA and member companies would strive to be a partner of the Korean society advancing forward.

Charitable Contribution

Global pharmaceutical companies are returning a part of their profits to the society. 26 companies of KRPIA donated KRW 25.9 billion, which is 0.48% of their whole income.

Donation to sales ratio

Comparison of Donation Ratio in Top 10 Industries

[Source Remarks] Number: Official Data on FSS(Financial Supervisory Service)
  1. Top 10 Industries by KIFCon(Korea Institute for Firm Contribution): 'Evaluation of Korean Large Company Contributions to National Economy'
    *First 368 Korean large companies were selected. Considering the proportion of sales, proportion of companies, and industrial characteristics among the 46 and 30 industrial classes, finally top 10 industries were selected based on the contribution score and the concentration analysis
  2. FKl(Federation of Korean Industries): "Annual CSR Whitepaper" - 255 Korean Major Companies were included
  3. KRPIA: "KRPIA Annual CSR & Donation Survey"-18 Global Pharma Companies on FSS included

Support for Children and Youth

Global pharmaceutical companies help healthy growth of our society through expanding educational opportunities for children and adolescents in vulnerable social groups.

Support for Patients

Global pharmaceutical companies work for better treatment environment including enhanced physical condition and mental health of patients.

Development of Medical Science

Global pharmaceutical companies promote various activities including excavating innovative ideas from health care industry and developing local fields of medical science to enhance global competitiveness by vitalizing the specialties of pharmaceutical companies.

Support for the General Public

Global pharmaceutical companies strive to support the development of local communities and help people pursue healthy and happy lives through various programs for different members of society.


Employees of the global pharmaceutical companies actively participate in fund raising programs. Events delivering the contribution to people in needs is being progressed.

Internal Volunteer Club

Employees of global pharmaceutical companies voluntarily work in an internal club even with their busy daily life. Consistently maintained internal volunteer club shows the prac­tical actions of healthy life and love.