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Open Innovation

“Global pharmaceutical companies are growing together with Korean pharmaceutical industry!”

Global pharmaceutical companies are making various ef­forts to synergistically collaborate with local pharmaceutical companies and organizations in Korea for the continued growth and development of the pharmaceutical industry in Korea. To this end, they are carrying out programs, such as R&D open innovation and cooperation, for expanding into overseas markets.

Marketing Collaboration in Overseas Markets

Global pharmaceutical companies are sharing their own experiences in the global market with local pharmaceutical companies by jointly expanding into overseas markets. Through these partnerships, global companies help local companies reduce setbacks and successfully branch out into the global market.

Abbott Korea · Abbott holds aCommerce meeting on a regular basis, to which we invite local pharmaceutical companies, introducing win-win partnership between Abbott and Korean pharma companies (e.g. exploring co-development and export to Abbott subsidiaries by matching the needs). We also provide participants with informative training on global clinical trial trend and regulatory aspects. Through such a meeting and training, Abbott tries to expand and to strengthen partnership with Korean pharma companies. (At the 2019 aCommerce, 34 Korean pharma companies with more than 100 participants attended the meeting)
AbbVie•Dong-A ST · Collaboration with Dong-A-ST for MerTK inhibitors in pre-clinical development for use in conjunction with immuno-oncology therapies
DKSH Korea, Ltd. · Exportation of Hanmi Pharmaceutical’s Modified Drugs to Southeast Asia (2013): 10- year exportation contract for Amosartan(Hypertension), Esomezol(Reflux Esophagitis), Pidogul(Thrombus) to 7 Southeast Asia countries(Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar)
· Execution of MOU with LSK for Pharmaceutical Market Expansion Service (2017): Cooperate to promote mutual benefits by market expansion service including the introduction of overseas medicine to the Korean market and exportation of domestic medicine to the Asian market
· Execution of MOU with Brinks for Cooperation in the Pharmaceutical market (2018): Cooperate for expanding importation/exportation business of healthcare products and building an infrastructure of temperature-maintaining secure transportation service
Janssen•Yuhan Pharmaceutical · Collaboration agreement on technology export for co-development and commercialization of lung-cancer medicine ‘Lazertinib’
MSD•Samsung Bioepis · Collaboration agreement for global commercialization of biosimilar products with Samsung Bioepis
MSD•Dong-A ST · Co-promotion of ‘Tedizolid’, an antibiotic for super bacteria, in overseas markets (America and Europe)
MSD•Hanmi Pharmaceutical · Investment in R&D of ‘Cozaar XQ’, a combined treatment for hypertension, and partnership for exporting it to over 50 countries
MSD Innovation Partnering Office · MSD opens ‘Innovation Partnering Office’ at Seoul Bio Hub (Counseling office for start-ups in Bio & Digital health industry)
Mundipharma Korea•Genewel · Collaboration with Genewel for licensing, distribution and promotion of Medifoam®, a moist wound dressing product
Novartis Korea Ltd · KOTRA Global Partnering Conference (2017)
→ Co-host the conference with the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) to explore opportunities for technical cooperation and to strengthen partnerships with local bio·pharmaceutical industry
Zuellig Pharma Korea•Boryung Pharm · Exclusive licensing agreement for antihypertensive combination drugs Dukarb (ingredient: fimasartan/amlodipine) and antihypertensive/antihyperlipidemic combination drugs Tuvero(ingredient: fimasartan/rosuvastatin) in 13 Southeast Asian countries, following ‘Kanarb’ and ‘Kanarb Plus’.
Zuellig Pharma Korea•Handok · Export agreement for Ketotop (Ketoprofen patch) in Singapore and Malaysia

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R&D Open Innovation

Global pharmaceutical companies are conducting R&D programs for developing new drugs jointly with pharmaceutical companies, medical organizations and research institutions in Korea. Through these programs, global companies are contributing to enhancing research implementation capabilities and global competitiveness of researchers in Korea.

AstraZeneca Korea · Joint research agreement with Dong-A ST and has been studying three leading candidate substances of immunooncology
· To conduct biosimilar clinical trials for hematologic cancer and autoimmune diseases through Archigen Biotech, established with Samsung Biologics in Korea
· In collaboration with Korea Health Industry Development Institute, it conducted a program of providing research funds, investigational compound and network with researchers at global headquarters by selecting translational research projects of 4 Korean scientists in oncology once a year.
· Started first-in-Asia basket trial and pre-clinical study jointly with researchers in Korea.
· Started Phase I study in human participants research of new drug candidates for lung cancer and breast cancer.
· Partnership in line with ‘Innovative Strategy on the Bio-health Industry’ by LOI(Letter Of Intent)(2019): LOI with Korean Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and the Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization (KoreaBIO). By signing the LOI, to develop collaborative projects in areas such as bio-venture start-up mentorship, open innovation and drug development, future healthcare technologies such as AI and IoT.
· Partnership with local pharma companies: Signed MOU with OMRON Korea and GC Pharma for Pediatric Asthma Patient’s Solutions.
Bayer Korea · G4A Korea (Grants4Apps Korea)
→ Domestic version of the ’Grants4Apps Accelerator', the open innovation program of Bayer headquarters(2017-2019).
→ In partnership with KOTRA, business development, market entry of domestic digital health care start-ups and optimized support for participants provided, along with mentoring and incubating space in Bayer Korea HQ.
→ Korean start-up ‘Vital Smith’ and 'SkyLabs' were selected as winners in ‘Grants4Apps Accelerator’ for last two years in a row
BMS Pharmaceutical Korea Ltd. · Master Clinical Trial Agreement with clinical trial institutions in Korea
· Agreement for producing commercial bio antibody-based new drugs
→ Producing active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished drugs of BMS at a plant in Korea(located in Songdo, Incheon) (collaboration with Samsung Biologics)
· Launching open innovation project ‘KOIN(Korea Open Innovation)’ and participated in 2019 BIO Korea for research collaboration with local companies and early innovation in academia in Korea
GSK Korea · Collaborative researches for the development of next-generation anti-cancer drugs in partnership with major research institutes in Korea
· First Trial-in-Patient studies of new immuno-oncology drugs in major research institutions in Korea
Janssen Korea · Seoul Innovation QuickFire Challenge: Since 2017, Janssen Korea and Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Seoul Metropolitan Government, and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) have co-hosted the healthcare contest each year and selected up to two winners to support 150 million won in research funds, mentoring and coaching
· MOU with MOHW: investing $80 million for R&D for severe and infectious diseases and expansion of academic exchange programs over the next 5 years (2014~2018)
LEO Pharma Korea · LEO Pharma launches Open Innovation and Science & Tech Hub in South Korea. Collaborate to address the challenges that face both Danish and Korean health systems and support researcher to study and develop new molecule for skin disease
Merck Ltd. Korea / Biopharma Division · Merck Accelerator Program: Merck Supports promising startups and strives to foster and globalize cutting-edge technologies through open innovation.
MSD Korea · MSD-KDDF joint R&D program (collaboration with Genexine for KEYTRUDA combination therapy)
· MSD-MEDPACTO joint study: Combination therapy with KEYTRUDA
· MSD-PharmAbcine joint study: Combination therapy with KEYTRUDA
· MSD-Genexine joint study: Combination therapy with KEYTRUDA
· MSD-NKMAX joint study: Combination therapy with KEYTRUDA
Novartis Korea Ltd · Novartis Korea Innovation Partnering Office (2019.05)
→ Established Novartis Korea Innovation Partnering Office at Seoul Bio Hub to co-promote various projects based on open innovation strategy such as strengthening domestic biomedical company network, enhancing international technology exchange, and supporting global networking activities.
· MOU with Korea University Medical Center (2019.06)
→ Signed MOU with Korea University Medical Center to activate utilization of healthcare data and digital technology in medical research
· MOU with Catholic Big Data Integration Center (2020.4.17)
→ Singed MOU to cooperate in research and new drug development based on big data analytics and digital technologies in healthcare.
Pfizer Korea · Recorded the highest number of IND protocols approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(MFDS) in Korea between 2008 and 2012
· Signed MOU with Korea‘s Ministry of Health and Welfare for research and development (R&D), contributed to domestic new drug development and healthcare infrastructure research(2008-2012)
· Pfizer Korea entered into INSPIRE‘s new partnership program (2012-Current)
· Conducted about 62 global clinical trials in 2019
· Pfizer R & D University: Medical R&D training program for university students and graduate student
· ‘R&D Symposium(Co-host with KoNECT, 2008)
Sanofi-aventis Korea Co., Ltd · Invitation of digital healthcare startups to Sanofi Viva Technology to explore collaboration opportunity
· Basic research collaboration with a University research group to develop a next generation of cancer drug
· Connecting Sanofi Global Research with Korean startups and biotech to discuss potential collaborations on innovative Oncology programs
· Introduction of promising Korean startups to Sanofi Ventures to initiate investment and R&D consultation
· Establishment of the 'PARTNER SITE' a comprehensive networking program in new drug development with the clinical trial centers (SNUH, SMC, AMC, Sevrance Hospital, SNUBH, Eulji General Hospital, Eunpyeong St.Mary’s Hospital, Incheon St.Mary’s Hospital, Wonju Severance Hospital)
Sanofi Pasteur Ltd. · A long-term strategic cooperation for the co-development of an innovative Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine(PCV). This is the agreement including R&D and production of innovative PCV(Collaboration with SK Chemicals)
· Licenses a technology from SK Chemical to develop Broadly Protective Influenza Vaccine(2018)
Servier Korea · Partnership with Korea Drug Development Fund (KDDF)