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Sustainable Management

“Sustainable management based on Generating quality jobs and advanced corporate culture with diversity!”

Global pharmaceutical company operates sustainable management to seek long-term mutual growth and dream. Specifically, the global companies provide opportunity for superb employees to explore their capabilities at their fullest by creating quality jobs constantly. Companies also value diversity and gender equality, while they set examples of creating corporate culture of work and life balance.

Generating jobs with added high value

Global pharmaceutical companies with KRPIA are generating total of 8,870 jobs in Korea. By providing opportunity for expert employees to explore their full potential, the companies contribute training outstanding human resources needed for development of Korean healthcare sector.

Employees(in 2019)


Developing future human resources

Many of global pharmaceutical companies are offering internship to let future potential employees to understand and explore the industry better, and global field study program for them to visit and experience headquarters of global companies. Meanwhile, the global companies provide diverse educational programs, such as training program with cooperation with a medical college, lecture program sharing various knowledge and experience and ideas, and global leader training program, to let the employees grow as healthcare sector experts.

Valuing diversity and gender equality

KRPIA's global pharmaceutical member companies manifest female employment rate of about 45%. As such, global companies have shown high interest on training female workers, and providing equal opportunity for them to reach their full potential. Especially, the gender ratio of executive board members reached about 53% with HR and promotion affairs keen on gender equality.

● Male

● Female

Ratio of female employee


● Male

● Female

Ratio of female board member


Corporate culture of Work & Life Balance

Global pharmaceutical companies are supporting employees to balance work and family life better. To support employees managing work and family life of pregnancy, and child birth and care, the global companies have adopted various employee benefits like paternity leave, maternity leave, shortened work hours during infant care, flex time and remote working. With such effort, Abbott Korea, AbbVie Korea, sanofi-aventis Korea, Lilly Korea, Roche Korea, MSD Korea, BMS Korea and other companies have been certified as 'Family-friendly Company' by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. And many companies offer a 'family day' system for the employees to bring their family members to help them balance work and life.