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Drug Development and Supply

“We lead the industry in developing and supplying new drugs for defeating diseases!”

Protecting humankind from diseases by providing excel­lent drugs is the mission and primary value of pharma­ceutical companies. Global pharmaceutical companies, in particular, are taking the initiative in supplying drugs for treating severe diseases, such as cancers, rare diseases, and chronic diseases, which have yet to be defeated.

Total supplied drugs

about 1,300

Supply of Drugs

In Korea, global pharmaceutical companies are supplying about 1,300 different drugs needed by patients. In par­ticular, they are supplying mainly ETC drugs, which are closely connected with the extension of patients' lives, and original drugs for treating diseases such as rare dis­eases whose treatments were not available in the past. In addition, they are also taking the lead in developing and supplying vaccines for preventing diseases and protect­ing health.

Drug Development and Clinical Trials

Global pharmaceutical companies continue to invest their domestic R&D investment into clinical researches in Korea. Investing in early clinical research that requires a high level of systems is helping to improve the quality of clinical research in Korea and increase global competi­tiveness.