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KRPIA Is Dedicated to Sustainable, Healthier Lives through

the Development of Innovative New Medicine.

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Chairman's Message

"KRPIA Is Dedicated to Sustainable, Healthier Lives through the Development of Innovative New Medicine."


First of all, I would like to thank everyone for all the support they gave to KRPIA. For the past 19 years, KRPIA has been committed to the development of Korea's healthcare system and strengthening global competitiveness of Korean pharmaceutical industry. In particular, we are working to fulfill the mission of the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that the pain the patients feel is lessened and that they will feel a sense of hope by working in line with the government's NHI enhancement plan.

KRPIA and global pharmaceutical companies' goal is to improve the lives of the patients and the people, and, to that end, we have continually conducted research in various fields such as cancer, rare disease and other unmet medical needs. Based on long standing research and experiment, we were able to develop innovative new drugs and are working to have them supplied to the Korean market as well. In addition, we are participating in open innovation platform so that the pharmaceutical industry, which is the new growth engine leading the 4th Industrial Revolution, can grow and that Korea can become a leading pharmaceutical powerhouse in the world.

With our aim set high to improve the lives and health of the patients and to raise the status of Korean pharmaceutical companies on the global stage, KRPIA engaged in various efforts and have published "2018 KRPIA Annual Report," a report that details our efforts this year. This report includes important information, such as social, financial and industrial value of innovative new drugs; efforts to achieve mutual collaboration and expand globally with Korean pharmaceutical companies through open innovation platform; CSR activities and social contribution made by the global pharmaceutical companies in Korea as responsible corporate citizens; as well as key information about KRPIA member companies.

Going forward, KRPIA will continue to work hard so that Korean pharmaceutical industry can grow and meet new challenges. Furthermore, we will continue to engage in mutual collaboration projects, such asjoint R&D and global expansion projects, so that clinical trials and new drug R&D taking place in Korea can improve the lives of the people and ensure that Korea can become a leading pharmaceutical powerhouse with a secure future growth engine. KRPIA will also play our part in the Korean society by ensuring that the pharmaceutical industry is trustworthy through ethical management and active CSR activities.

In this regard, we ask for your continual support.

Thank you.

Korean Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry Association


 Dong-Wook Oh