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History of KRPIA


  • KRPIA appoints CEO of Pfizer Korea Dong-Wook Oh as the new Chair2021. 2.


  • KRPIA SNS (Facebook) Launching2020. 5.
  • 2020 Future Happiness Awards, KRPIA received Award from Ministry of Gender Equality and Family2020. 5.
  • KRPIA ‘Hope Green Campaign’ to overcome COVID-192020. 3.


  • Signed MOU with Korea Science Journalists Association and promoted Science Media Academy2019. 4.
  • Business Agreements with innovative leaders of biomedicine.2019. 11.


  • KRPIA appoints CEO of Korea MSD Avi Benshoshan as the new Chair2018. 1.
  • Signed MOU with KOTRA and launched a joint platform for local start-ups to enter the global market2018. 4.
  • Organized the ICH Guideline Training hosted by MFDS
    (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)
    2018. 11. ~ Now
  • Incorporated the revised Ethics Code of the IFPMA to KRPIA Rules2018. 11. amendment
    2019. 1. enforcement


  • Changed the Korean name of the Association to ‘한국글로벌의약산업협회’2017. 4.
  • Hosted ICH Guideline Implementation Workshop2017. 11. ~ Now


  • Moved the office from Yeoksam-dong to Dongja-dong2016. 9.


  • Jointly hosted Ethical Management Academy for the Pharmaceutical Industry with KPBMA (Korea Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharma Manufacturers Association)2015. 5. ~ Now


  • Researched on the donations and CSR activities of global pharmaceutical companies2014. 4. ~ Now
  • Korea Pharmaceutical Industry Joint Conference to promote open innovation2014. 11. ~ 2018.
    (4 times)


  • Opened Market Access Academy2013. 7. ~ Now
  • Officially sponsored KRPIA Pharma Cup2013. 10. ~ Now


  • Rak & Yak Campaign to improving drug adherence2011. 2. ~ Now


  • Issued Green Book and revised it for the 3rd time2009. 4. ~ Now
  • Moved the office from Gwangjang-dong to Yeoksam-dong2009. 6.
  • Research on R&D investment and contributions of global pharma companies in Korea2009. 12. ~ Now


  • Enacted Fair competition Rules and 4th amendment2002. 1. ~ Now


  • Official license from the Ministry of Health and Welfare on KRPIA Foundation2000. 6.


  • KRPIA launched1999. 3.

List of past presidents of KRPIA

1999.03.15Lee Paul Seung woo (President, MSD Korea) appointed as the 1st Chairman of KRPIA
2000.06.12Laurence Smith (President, Pfizer Korea) appointed as the 2nd Chairman of KRPIA
2000.09.25Michael Richter (President, Boehringer-Ingelheim Korea) appointed as the 3rd Chairman of KRPIA
2001.12.28Mark Johnson (President, Lilly Korea) appointed as the 4th Chairman of KRPIA
2002.08.01Jan Peterse (President, Pharmacia Korea) appointed as the 5th Chairman of KRPIA
2003.04.01Michael Richter (President, Boehringer-Ingelheim Korea) appointed as the 6th Chairman of KRPIA
2005.06.13Mark Timney (President, MSD Korea) appointed as the 7th Chairman of KRPIA
2007.01.01Ahmet Goksun (President, Pfizer Korea) appointed as the 8th Chairman of KRPIA
2009.01.01Peter Jager(President,Novartis Korea) appointed as the 9th Chairman of KRPIA
2011.01.25Dong Soo Lee(President, Pfizer Korea) appointed as the 10th Chairman of KRPIA
2013.02.01Jin-Ho Kim(President, GSK Korea) appointed as the 11th Chairman of KRPIA
2015.03.01Oak-Yeon Kim(President, Janssen Korea) appointed as the 12th Chairman of KRPIA
2018.02.01Avi BenShoshan(President, MSD Korea) appointed as the 13th Chairman of KRPIA
2021.02.01Dong-Wook Oh(President, Pfizer Korea) appointed as the 14th Chairman of KRPIA